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HIV and Nutrition

A book of information sheets for people living with HIV, support groups and clinics

Over 35 million people worldwide are now living with HIV and AIDS. Approximately 22 million of those infected with HIV live in sub-Saharan Africa. According to UNAIDS/WHO, Africa has 12 million AIDS orphans.

Living with HIV places additional nutritional demands on the body and being undernourished increases the rate at which HIV progresses to AIDS. For people with HIV, good nutrition is essential to delay as long as possible the onset of AIDS. Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) has been proven successful in prolonging the lives of those living with AIDS, and good nutrition helps to strengthen the impact of Anti-Retroviral Therapy.

HIV and Nutrition provides easily accessible and highly practical information on what constitutes good nutrition, the importance of good nutrition for a person with HIV or AIDS, and how good nutrition can be achieved.

Developed by nutrition and HIV/AIDS specialists, with personal stories provided by the Treatment Action Campaign, HIV and Nutrition consists of a number of specific infosheets which each address different aspects of nutrition and HIV. The publication presents "real faces" and "real stories" about people who have experienced the value of good nutrition in the treatment of their HIV.

Tables, photographs and illustration complement the easy-to-read text and a glossary provides clear explanations of medical terms.

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Infosheet 1: 1st week after my diagnosis
Infosheet 2: What is HIV? What is AIDS?
Infosheet 3: Monitoring my HIV
Infosheet 4: Understanding nutrition
Infosheet 5: How HIV affects nutrition and your immune system
Infosheet 6: HIV and eating well
Infosheet 7: HIV and nutrition for teenagers
Infosheet 8: HIV, pregnancy and nutrition
Infosheet 9: HIV and infant feeding
Infosheet 10: ARV's and nutrition
Infosheet 11: Fallacies about nutrition and HIV
Infosheet 12: Food hygiene, germs and food poisoning
Infosheet 13: Exercise and HIV
Infosheet 14: Frequently asked questions
Information about food security and food support
Body mass index calculation
How to read nutritional information on food labels

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